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Pathway International Incorporated (Pathway) is a social services company that provides services to at-risk children and their families through certified, licensed, qualified and experienced professionals.  Our services include Home Based Therapy, Home Based Case Management, Interpreting Services, Supervised   Visits, Parent Education, Parent Mentoring and Private Therapy Practice.  Our team has a diverse educational and cultural background to include bi-lingual providers who speak English, Spanish, and Croatian.

Pathway is also involved and works with human trafficking victims.


  - Family and Individual Therapy

    - CSAYC (Certified sexual abuse youth counselor) Treatment for youth
       who've caused sexual harm.

    - TFCBT (Trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy) Treatment for those who have
       suffered trauma including victims of sexual abuse.

    - Case Management Services and Coordination.

    - Parent Aid/Homemaker assisting in hands-on work with parents.

    - Parent Education using Home Based for individual families or Group

    - Facilitation of Supervised Visitation.

    - Interpreting.

    - Private Therapy Practice follow up after care for Anthem Blue Cross
      Blue Shield and Medicaid.

    - Preventative Services focused on parenting skills for teen parents

Helping families be heard with a culture of caring to achieve Permanency for Children.

Culturally competent providers trained in Cultural and Religious competency including LGTBQ.

Many of our providers are bi-lingual or multi-lingual speaking English, Spanish, Croatian, Arabic, American Sign Language and Bosnian. Interpreters are available for others as needed.

All work with our clients and families is effective and equal without regard to culture, language, race, ethnic background, religion, or other diversity factors in a manner that recognizes affirms and values their worth as individuals.

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